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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  December 26, 2013 2:35am-4:01am EST

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>> i have been waiting since christmas eve. i was expect ing the gifts to get here. nothing's going to be urn the tree. you know. >> reporter: rob nelson, abc news, new york. >> every year more and more people are ordering on-line. you can see how this could happen. it is an incredible thing to try to pull off. >> but you have if agreed or said you were going to do it you should honor it. what's the right thing to do. >> amazon says they will offer many customer shipping refunds if they guaranteed it. >> it's not just christmas i'm hearing. if your hanukkah gift got there late. >> if they guarantee it and it didn't get there at the at least you should get a refund. u.p.s. says it will get worse birth gets better because today will be a huge day as people send things back that didn't fit. it's not just what was in the pipeline but a new round of stuff in the pipeline. >> i wouldn't want to be u.p.s. right now. at least one major bank is worried that data thieves got the personal bank pass words
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from target customers but the retailer says no, the information was not part of the data breach involving 40 million credit and debit cards. if they got the personal identification numbers they would be able to pull money right out of the bank accounts. topping our health looid headlines major development for the millions of americans who have arthroscopic knee surgery. a study says fake surgery is as good as the real thing. researchers in finland found no difference in patients in a year for those that had the surgery and those that thought they had the surgery. early studies show that physical therapy works as well in regard to the knee pain. american sailors set to help after japan's nuclear disaster say they are so sick from radiation exposure they are filing a lawsuit. they say the utility company linked to the disaster is responsible. here's a abc's aditi roy. >> reporter: 24-year-old single mom lindsey cooper struggles
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with fear every day. >> my biggest fear is not knowing what's going to happen afterwards and not being able to take care of myself and my daughter afterwards. >> this former navy sailor said she suffered from a thyroid condition and fights issues related to overwhelming stress. she believes her health issues are a result of the radiation at the fukishima nuclear power plant. >> 51 in are part of a lawsuit filed earlier this year against the tokyo electric power company which operates the plant. >> this was an accident waiting to happen. if a nuclear reactor cannot with stand an earthquake andives location, it is operated by the people, the tepco people they are responsible. >> the judges missed the
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original lawsuit because of procedural issues but gave the plaintiffs until january 6th to make changes to the lawsuit and are have her reconsider it. the suit claims that tepco created an impression that the pressure of the radiation leaked was at levels that would not pose a threat to the plaintiffs an the alleged misrepresentation prompted rescuers including the plaintiffs to rush in to an unsafe area. abc news reached out to tep co but has not received a response. aditi roy, los angeles. utilities in maine hope to get power back to nearly all customers sometime today. crews spent the holiday repairing power lines and poles knocked down by the snow and ice storm. more snow is in the forecast which could cause new outages. here's a look at the weather. fast-moving storm will bring light snow and rain in new york and new england today. showers in florida and south texas.
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lake effect snow showers continue near the great lakes. the rest of the midwest should be dry and most of the west, too. expect 40s in the northeast, 20s in the great lakes and mid-40s in the midwest low 50s in the pacific northwest and 50s in denver, dallas, new orleans and atlanta. a little mixing and matching have led to a very rare delivery in oklahoma. >> listen to this. the country's first ever cubs. all three born at the gw zoo. their mom is a liger. a liger is a cross between a lion and tiger. their dad is a lion. it is a liliger. >> based on their genetics they could be the largest cats ever getting to oh my god 800 pounds. >> and they are spotted, one looks like a leopard there. >> they look cute but 800 pounds. >> nuts. bigger than the lion or tiger.
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tricky pet. i don't recommend it. >> movie theaters jammed with must see films. and sounds like a hollywood movie script. a generous benefactor is turning homeless in to homeowners. and later it's time to get ready for your new year's bash. we will look at high-tech gadgets that can turn in to a real party. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by go go pillow.
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for most of us having a roof over their heads is easy to take for granted. for the homeless it is one gift that remains far out of reach. >> thanks to an anonymous donor the homeless are becoming homeowners. that makes this our "favorite story of the day." >> reporter: with her tree neatly decorated may gave us a walking tour. >> closet. >> one door that opened may up to a new world of pride and joy. >> nice big kitchen. >> i know. i like that. >> she slipped in to homelessness 20 years ago. she had been living on the streets and woods in chattanooga and mobile, alabama but recently she changed her mind. >> i decided to come back up here and get me a place to live. i know the kitchen very well. >> the kitchen is chattanooga's.
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>> they hoped for permanent housing for homeless that qualified. recently their prayers were answered. >> we got a call out of the blue. someone offered $100,000 to be used toward those homes. that's how we got them rehabbed and furnished. >> may is the first to move in. >> it helps me out a lot. whoever did it, i thank them so much. >> the money went to refurbish this house and the one next door. each is divided in to four apartments with walk in path room. one house for men and the other for men like may. >> they are going to put locks on the doors and we will have our own private locks. >> that sense of independence has watched over may. she moved in two weeks ago. you can understand why she is emotional. what's it like went you wake up. >> where am i?
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where am i. >> pinching yourself? >> yeah. >> check out her view of the mountains and the woods. >> what's it like to look out and see this view? >> awesome. great. i don't have to be out there. >> that's a great story. it's unfortunate but not as simple in many cases as giving somebody a dwelling and saying they are not homeless anymore. they need support. the reasons that homelessness happens in the first place have to be addressed and monitored. they almost always need support services to get up on their feet and learn to live in a home again. >> sometimes they want to be acknowledged. they want someone to acknowledge their presence but to get a house is a big deal. >> to have the support to stay in it, pay the bills and do the grocery and all of the things it takes to keep it up and running. >> she will be getting roommates so the huge house is not just her sfwls she says anytime she is hungry she can take a cart to the grocery store and cook her
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meal. something she couldn't do in the past little comforts make all the difference. it is almost time to ring in the new year. >> diana perez spoke to our tech expert about apps to help you party like it is 2014.
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welcome back. it's the season for parties and party planning stress. however, technology can make it
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easier. our tech contributor is here to help us. tina, tell us, what did you bring? >> i brought a lot of stuff to help you get the party started. >> exciting, exciting. >> first up is invitation. everyone sends out e-mail invites is on your phone. red stamp is ton of awesome great designs. i made one for my new year's eve party. super simple. >> keep calm and party on. at tina's pad. we will all be there. >> i expect to see you. good music. it will be on the sonos wireless speakers which are awesome because you can set them up around the house so you have a surround sound experience no matter where your guests are and you control it on your phone. >> very sleek and beautiful, by the way. >> it is, right? >> i can see what that is. what's this thing? >> this is another wireless
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bluetooth speaker by but also a karaoke machine. >> no party is complete without karaoke. >> that's how i feel. you can hook it up to your tv and access 8,000 songs. you see the lyrics on your screen. party in a machine. >> remote and microphone at the same time. >> what else do you have for us? >> sticky gram. magnets made from our instagram photos. this is another cool invitation idea. you can send out magnets to save the date or make them as party favors for guests. basically upload all of your instagram photos, whichever you want and they come in a sheet like this snap them off and send them out. cute hostess gift, too. speaking of photos, i love the photo booth and having one in your party, the idea of a diy photo booth. >> oh, yes. >> there's a cool app that i
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love called pocket booth which is great for setting up in a corner of your house, right? throw some gift wrap on the wall as a backdrop. >> throw a boa on, give your guests fun props and they can ham it up. >> so inexpensive. compared to everything else out there it is so inexance pif. we were hamming it up in frnt of our own camera. everyone can get in on the fun or one person can do a bunch of pictures at the same time and they can send that to them and they can do whatever you want with them. >> you can post it on twitter, facebook or print them out. >> really nice. >> what else do we have? >> we will fast forward to the day after. >> oh. i'm already tired? your place is a mess. >> always. >> it is sticky. there's stuff everywhere. >> yes. >> you were probably a little hungover. >> i might be a little hungover. >> not me. not quite yet. >> i don't want to clean that's
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why i'm going use the irobot roomba 880. it picks up 50% more hair, dirt the, you name it. it will do it for you and the best part is you set it and forget it. it's a robot. it will take care of itself and take care of your floors. >> we're going to jam out, do pictures, karaoke, send out this is what you look like when you had too many drinks and everything we need to pick it up which is excellent. >> sounds like a party to me. >> i'm excited. let's get the party started now. you can see more from tina on our website wnnfan can. stay with us. you are watching "world news now."
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♪ >> well, this mornings's "insomniac theater" there's something for everyone. >> from oscar contenders to popcorn flicks we check out the
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must see films showing dur the holidays. >> reporter: crowd pleasers and for your consideration award contenders vie for your cinematic dollars this week. tyler per ry medea christmas, anchorman two, checky check check. so much more. 2:59 minutes worth in fact. >> make clients money at the same time. >> leonardo dicaprio in the wolf of wall street. her serves up scarlett johansson. >> you want to try getting out of body. >> a bodiless voice of a computer software that joaquin phoenix falls in love. >> tom hanks. >> i could eat you up. >> that wouldn't be appropriate. >> in saving mr. banks and christine returns to the big screen with ben stiller. >> are you coming? >> yes, i'm not. >> he revicinities the classic what a day for a day treatment
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walter mitty. and invention here with den near row and rocky's sta lon squaring up for grudge match. >> i took a dump on your porch. >> reporter: crazy sexy fool. >> got to be the best we have ever done. >> reporter: american hustle. august osage county puts a feisty meryl squabbling with julia roberts. both actresses are in the oscar conversation. best actor contender bruce stern is hardly a laugh riot. >> rining out of time. >> reporter: in the black white and bleak nebraska. the sass for days for newcomer june squibb. >> should have thought that years ago and worked for it. >> reporter: look at who's on a mother loving boat robert redford in all is lost. will the oscars throw him a line? what else is christmas movie going season all about, right? chris connelly, abc news, los
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angeles. >> are you going to check any of them out. >> i want to see anything with julia roberts. what is it called. >> august osage county. >> they were on gma. >> we did that in "insomniac theater." it got mixed reviews. >> really? i think she is fabulous. >> check it out. >> i haven't seen a movie in years in a theater. >> it's time. popcorn and the whole thing. >> are you free tomorrow night? >> yeah, dloets it.
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frustrating wait. hundreds of thousands of storm survivors are -- while crews work overtime. >> i'd rather be home with my
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family and kids but there are kids here who have no pow fwler as subfreezing temperatures and more snow make it more miserable. health care hangups. medical insurance customers filled with doubt even after getting help in person with obamacare enrollment. it's hard to believe they could be so inefficient with something so important. the frustrating problems, the website glitches and more advice to those who need coverage. later, gourmet leftovers, expert culinary advice on how to turn the christmas day ham in to something beyond delicious that. is in our insomniac kitchen on this thursday, december 26th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. >> good morning, everybody. did you have a nice christmas? >> i had a great cyst machls i'm looking up on the website post christmas decorations. >> you are looking for stuff on
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sale. >> i will be shopping during this newscast and i'm an addict for post christmas. >> didn't get enough. >> by the way, this is rina ninan filling for for diana perez. >> we begin with the agonizing wait for lech tris aty after the ice storm. utility crews spending christmas away from their families doing what they can to restore power to customers. >> the difficult work has been going on as temperatures dipped in to the danger zone. our coverage begins with abc's rob nelson. >> reporter: from michigan to northern new england, thousands of storm survivors are waiting for power to be restored and the christmas lights to come on. tom has not had electricity since monday. he had to pack up and leaf home in maine. >> it's been challenging. >> probably the worst time of the year to have something like this happen but it happened and there's not a lot you can do to keep mother nature from doing this sort of thing. >> reporter: this week's deadly ice storm also hit the great lakes region put ing hundreds of
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thousands of people in the dark in toronto the in the height of holiday season before hitting new england. shelters in michigan have been busy providing food, warmth and comfort for those lacking heechlt also struggling those utility crews sent to the hardest-hit areas. many repair workers are a long way from home and spend christmas away from their families. >> rough, lack of sleep. the elements are tough. >> reporter: the repair work is going in to the fifth day after one of the worst storms of its kind since the 1990s. >> i'd rather be at home with my family and kids was there's also kids out here that are no power. my kids are home in the warmth, playing playstation and x-box and these kids are just trying to stay warm. >> reporter: utility crews say they will stay on the job perhaps until the weekend until the power comes back on. rob nelson, abc news, new york. >> never a good time for something like. this but man, the holidays,
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christmas, wow. >> has it been a week even that we have been in to winter yet? it seems like it's been snowing nonstop. i'm hearing some counties are out of their snow removal budgets already. >> incredible. 27 deaths linked to this ice storm. a lot more than just inconvenient but like the power guy we saw talking it's terrible for the people that don't have the power on christmas and for the poor guys and gals that have to work on christmas even if they have their power they are out there on christmas day instead of being with their families. >> not a good situation. >> no. snow is expected in the same areas that have been hit by the ice storm a few days ago. >> our coverage continues with our accu-weather meteorologist jim dickey. hey, jim, good morning. >> good morning, john and rina, tracking snowfall this morning. most of it fairly light. moving across lake michigan and tracking eastward as we head through the early-morning hours. for most of us a nuisance event across much of pennsylvania, new york in to southern ning.
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light snow, a coating to an inch or two at most. overnight that's when things get interesting it will move its way up the coast and bring snow to maine along the coast, bangor, portland, augusta, three to six inches of fresh snow through the night. behind this this system, fresh arctic air is diving in to the northern tier of the country and will move east as we head to new year's eve. john and rina, back to you. >> thank you very much. a holiday tragedy in the caribbean. 17 haitian migrants are dead after their boat overturned after authorities intercepted it. the overload sailboat was being towed to shore in the turks and caicos islands. it is believed the boat capsized and several passengers jumped off the ship to avoid being detained. it will be another day before help arrives for the cruise ship stuck in the ice near antarctica. they have plenty of provisions and are in good spirits. three ice breakers are heading
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their way from australia. it is a long trip. they will be there in a few days. new years about the escalating violence against christians in the middle east. in one int stant a car bomb went af near a church at christmas mass. terrorists targeted a busy marketplace. military patrols are stepping up their search for rebels responsible for a new wave of violence. hundreds of people displaced by the violence in the african nation of south sudan gathered to celebrate christmas yesterday. men and women celebrated by singing and dancing during the outdoor service at a united nations camp in the capital of juba. aide workers say tens of thousands of people have been affected by the escalating violence in the country. a man accused of the los angeles shooting spree that left a tsa agent dead will be
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arraigned today. paul seeiancy. he was carrying a note about killing tsa agents anime face the death penalty. a christmas day candle light vigil in mississippi for a police officer killed in the line of duty. the sergeant was shot responding to a bank robbery. another officer wounded. the robbers got away with $160,000, actually a reward of $160,000 is for information leading to their capture. experts are warning consumers who signed up for coverage on the health care website to call insurance companies to make sure they are enrolled and those unable to sign up at all. abc's shushannah walshe has more from washington. >> reporter: 25-year-old desirae came to the martin luther king jr. memorial to sign up for the health care exchange in person. she had no luck on-line or on the phone. >> i was screaming for a bit.
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>> reporter: she met with a so-called health care navigator who helps with the process. >> it crashed on me. >> it feel s better to wait in person and dealing face to face with someone i had some issues on the phone lines, as well. issues all around. >> reporter: server issues made it impossible for her to sign up at first. ultimately she was successful. not so for 56-year-old liz. she says she's been trying to enroll since day one, october 1st. >> i'm almost in shock. it's hard to believe they could be so inefficient with something so important, absolutely important. i'm grateful i don't have a serious chronic life or death condition. >> reporter: he waited at the library for 5 1/2 hours but still has no defintive answer on whether she will have health insurance starting january 1st. health care shoppers were trying to enroll up until the last minute. in the final days before the deadline, the administration says they had 2 million visits
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to and 250,000 calls. shushannah walshe, abc news, washington. it's become a holiday tradition for president obama. he and the first lady took a break from their family vaation to visit a marine corps base. he spoke a few maintenance met and posed for photographs with some of the troops. it is one of the few public moments during his vacation. some other christmas celebrations from low key family celebrations to religious pilgrimages. for some it includes a trip to the beach. marci gonzalez looks at christmas around the world. >> reporter: 'tis the day for worldwide celebrations. and sending warm wishes. >> so merry christmas, everyone. >> reporter: a much different kind of christmas in australia. families hitting the beach dournd, hanging ten with santa. ♪ >> reporter: st. nick was a busy guy delivering gifts to syrian children in a refugee camp in jordan and leaving a little
3:11 am
something for the troops in afghanistan spending this holiday so far from their families. >> merry christmas. i miss you all so much. but i will be home next year and we will be together for the next christmas. >> reporter: a different kind of togetherness at the vatican. hundreds of thousands gathering in st. peter square to hear pope francis deliver his first christmas message as pontiff. other christians spending this holiday here in bethlehem in the grotto believed to be jesus' birthplace marking the holiday right where they say it began. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. today marks the first day of kwanzaa and celebrations are held across the country. the week-long holiday honors african-american heritage as well as family, community and culture. the name kwanzaa derives from the swahili phrase first fruits of the harvest. it is based on seven principles and first celebrated in 1966.
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today maybe "throwback thursday" was yesterday was a blast from the past. >> history buffs got a look at george washington's famous trip across the delaware river. the 61st reenactment of the 1776 crossing that turned the tide of the revolutionary war. >> dressed in full continental army gear crammed in to three boats to make the trip from the pennsylvania to delaware and one of the soldiers who was part of the reenactment said we were out there in 30 degree weather and it was tough. so he can imagine what it is like being out there weeks on end as a soldier. >> this is the site where george washington led a daring attack against the british. you have to rewind back to elementary history days. >> remember it well. big revolutionary war buff. i think we covered it every year in grammer school. always went back to the same thing every year. >> my husband wrote a book about foreign policy. >> he's an expert. who knew.
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who's scoring big with the nba. christmas day highlights and what's next in pro basketball. and later, royal photographs never seen before. the queen and her family are sharing so much this holiday season -- i love that song ♪ you are watching "world news now" ♪ we will never be royals >> announcer: "world news now" brought to you by lifelock. ebro. rbrought to you by lifelock. sbr. brought to you by lifelock. brought to you by lifelock. brou. wbrought to you by lifelock. ebr. ,
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forget about the food, gifts, trais christmas traditions. christmas is all about the nba. >> it is now. there were a ton of games and sports talk show host and good friend of "world news now," jason paige is here with the action. >> all about basketball on crest mass. the inofficial start of the nba season. >> i didn't know that. i think of spring. >> used to be a dounl header and then triple header five games today. a lot of star power missing but plenty of star power on the court. >> bat le out there in california. physical crazy. >> of course the last game of the night. the one that starts at 10:30
3:17 am
p.m. everyone winds up being the best game of the dea day. two teams that could meet up in the postseason. golden state warriors against the clippers. late third and fourth quarter it got testy. griffin gets tossed from the game. a huge loss for the clippers. dream on green gets tossed from the game for gold en state. both teams missing a player. a huge loss not having griffin late in the game. clippers able to get to the basket but not able to get buckets. golden state gets the win. curry helps them to get the victory. 17-13 but played much better than that this year. i think that's the team nobody wants to play in the playoffs. a lot of talent. >> if you had to make a reprediction, who do you think will take it at the end of the season. >> out of the western conference it is impossible to say. there are four or five teams.
3:18 am
one of them lakers of course i will against the heat earlier today. the lakers are scuffling, no kobe bryant. miami able to go in to l.a. and get a victory there. lebron james play well. after the game he said it was breasting laying in los angeles with no kobe bryant for the lakers. it didn't feel the same. payingage homage to kobe bryant. >> heat win. >> no surprise when kobe is not on the bench. >> houston able to pull away. the biggest headline of the day the new york basketball teams combined 19-38 op the season. both are 9-19 after huge losses at home. brooklyn clobbered by chicago and knicks by oklahoma city. two coaches that could be on the hot seat. >> i think you are right about that. busy day in the nba. >> i'm going to brush up next
3:19 am
time. >> good to see you. >> thank you so much. sports host jason paige joining us this morning, thanks again. >> you got it. coming up making the most out of those christmas leftovers. >> we visit a beer and butcher shop for leftover hams in the fridge. that's next from insomniac kitchen. ahead, it was a year of celebrity hits and misses from miley cyrus to paula deen. we will recap the highs and lows of 2013. you are watching "world news now."
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♪ that christmas hymn was deestablish. i'm a vegetarian. i wouldn't know. >> i actually had christmas ham did. >> did you? >> i did. you can make an ordinary sandwich or something gourmet. amanda vanallen is serving up something special. >> reporter: we are here at the can bachl i'm here with chef francis derby. he will teach us what to do with christmas ham leftovers you might have sitting in the fridge. ♪ >> so we use some salted moz rel la. i like the way measuozzarella m. it gets gooey and stringy and then leftover holiday ham i have sliced already. we will do three piece and basil and i like to use the whole
3:22 am
leaves right on top. and then we took some brussel sprouts. we shave them really fine. this gives a nice texture in there. they don't have time to get soft. >> i feel like i'm being healthy while i'm eating the ham sandwich with these brussel sprouts. >> that's what you want to tell yourself. >> little sea salt and that's it. >> some people do olive oil on the bread, i like mayonnaise. i'm a mayonnaise guy. it gives an incredible crust. i go mayonnaise on both sides. >> you are not messing around. >> no. that's the grilled cheese before it is cooked. >> you have another one. >> something we serve at the restaurant which we served at the restaurant for a long time is the pigs head cuban. we use a soft hero roll you get at any deli. mayonnaise on both sides. >> of course. >> and then layer our leftover
3:23 am
holiday ham. we have the pigs head here. i will slice off a couple of chunks of. this you have the ham, the pig's head. some pickles. and then some brio cheese and that is ready to cook, as well. >> so we have our beer, our sandwiches. we are ready to go. >> wonderful. let's tree them. >> see how it worked out for our holiday ham. >> works for me. >> for me, too. >> how psyched am i. >> do you smell the cheese. >> i don't but maybe i can nibble around. >> this is a grilled cheese with ham and brussel sprouts. >> delicious. >> it smells fantastic. and there's also a pig's head
3:24 am
cue bachbl you have to try that one with, too. it is ham, pig's head, gureyre cheese. i'm from cuba, smells authentic to me. 450 beers around the world and by the way the name cannibal, reminds me of hannibal but that's not the case. it come actress the bell gum grand cyclist known as cannibal. >> hannibal the cannibal. >> just cannibal. >> it is a big year and even bigger holiday for the royal family. all of that you will see up next. >> little brew. >> all right.
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♪ we'll never be royals >> all right. the british royal family celebrating the holidays while her majesty queen elizabeth
3:27 am
reflected on an important year for her and her loved ones. >> 2013 turned her in to a great grand grandma. we have a report on her annual holiday message. >> reporter: morning service at church and pretty much everyone was there with one exception, prince george had been left in his nursery. more interest ed, his parents told the crowd in his wrapping paper than his presents and at 5 months old, who can blame him? ♪ in her christmas day broadcast, recorded at buckingham palace a few days ago, the queen spoke of the importance of pausing occasionally to take stock. >> we all need to get the balance right between action and reflection. >> reporter: she looked back across 60 years. >> i myself had cause to reflect this year at westminster abbey on my own service made in that church on corn nation day 60
3:28 am
years earlier. >> reporter: after reflecting on the past and the many changes that have occurred since she came to the thrown a nudge toward the future. prince charles was shown depp pewtizing for the queen and then the birth of the third in line to the thrown. >> here at home, my own family is a little larger this christmas. the arrival of a baby gives everyone the chance to contemplate the future with renewed happiness and hope after the christening we gathered for the traditional photograph. >> this is video foot iffage which hasn't been seen before. its significance, of course, is that it show three future monarchs. >> it was a happy occasion. bringing together four generations. >> 2013 has been the year where the transition from the queen to her successors has become visible. it's a process which must be expected will continue very slowly in 2014.
3:29 am
nicholas mitchell, abc news, at buckingham palace. >> i can't get enough of royal fan. >> you are a fan. >> i'm a huge fan. this is the first time since the reign of queen victoria has three successors. so four jen rags. >> amazing. the day tooed today they traditionally open their presents on christmas eve and they had a turkey for christmas dinner. >> 3,000 people gathered around the church to wish them well. >> quite a year for the royals. >>
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this morning on "world news now," many happy returns. today's one of the biggest days in retail with exchanges and refunds in store. find out who's offering the deepest discounts of the year. cold, the agony from michigan to maine where hundreds of thousands of people have no
3:32 am
power. the challenge for utility crews working to fix what mother nature broke. it's time. that's the message from a baby girl who couldn't wait to get to the hospital. one mom's thank you to the paramedics for an unforgettable delivery. unforgettable. a year it has been. 2013 hits and misses in the celebrity world from miley cyrus' infamous moves to paula deen's bitter career downfall. we will look at the highlights of the year. it is thursday, december 26th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> very good morning to you. i'm rina ninan in for diana perez. >> i'm john muller. hope you had a beautiful christmas. did you have a nice one? >> i ate too much. >> didn't we all. i ate cookies cake. >> you have to. >> you can't diet on christmas. i suppose you can but what's the fun of that. we will truck through to new years and then go on a diet. >> there you go. >> close enough. >> february. >> one daybreak for the holiday.
3:33 am
stores will try to entice reluctant shoppers. >> i'll take it. >> some opening as early as 5:00 a.m. >> most hope when you return the unwanted gift you will buy something else. linzie janis previews the retail rush. >> today america goes returning. taking back the gifts that don't fit or you just don't want. >> we have seen a move toward friendly return policies over the holidays and i think that will help us out this week. >> reporter: before you go to the stores, experts say do your homework. a study ranked return policies, most lenient, costco, nordstrom wal-mart. most restrictive, sears and best buy. and another thing to look out for more mega deals. >> all you know is you are getting a good deal because the week after christmas retailers look to go through merchandise in order to transition to the next season's goods.
3:34 am
>> it is macy's after christmas one day sale thursday. >> offering year end deals up to 70, 60, 50% off. old navy's holiday sale 75% off in store and 60 on-line. the sales are so good because the pre-christmas shopping season has been disappointing. >> think we, as consumers, are getting the better end of the deal. retailers are struggling. i think there is too much inventory out there. >> reporter: last week, in store retail sales were down 3.1% and foot traffic down 21% since last year. as the numbers come in from on-line shopping, u.p.s. is expecting 15% more returns. speaking of returns, look for extended hours at many stores during this post holiday rush. linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> it does drive me nuts when i buy something and find out a week later it's on sale. it drives me nuts. >> do you have anything to return? >> i have a lot of things to return. >> are you going to go tomorrow?
3:35 am
>> they tay target and wal-mart the biggest day for using your gift cards is tomorrow. >> it is burning a hole in people's pockets. they just got it and have to use it tomorrow, huh. >> absolutely. >> wow. they say the season overall will have a 4% increase over last year. after it is all told, they expect it to be an increase. >> i believe it when the final numbers come in. have fun at the stores. i won't be there. >> i will be there. >> it is boxing day in much of the english speaking world. in australia, hundreds lining up outside of the major retailers in sydney. it is estimated $2 billion will be spent in stores in that country alone. boxing day was with traditionally when servants and tradespeople received gifts from their bosses and now a day of discount shopping. financial markets reopen today after the christmas break. asian markets are open and mostly higher this morning. u.s. stocks have been rising steadily since the federal reserve announced it would cut back on measures to prop up the economy. the dow closed at record highs the past five sessions. it is on track for the best year in a decade.
3:36 am
it wasn't much of a holiday at target's corporate office. they deny the report the data thieves that stole credit and debit information managed to get pins, their personal identification numbers. if so, crooks could go in to bank accounts and make withdrawals. jpmorgan chase placed limits on customer accounts. angry on-line shoppers are slamming u.p.s. and fedex on social media after the shipping giants failed to make their promise any good to deliver certain packages by christmas day. the delay is blamed on bad weather, overloaded systems and a shorter shopping season. neither company is saying how many packages didn't make it under the tree in time. pope francis kept it simple after he delivered his first christmas message. he was wearing a plain white gown. when he addressed the 70 thousand pilgrims and tourists in st. peter square in italian only. that is a departure from the
3:37 am
tradition of using several languages. the pope prayed for a better world and peace in the middle east and africa. special meal for our troops spending the holidays thousands of miles from home. soldiers in afghanistan were greeted to an all-american christmas lunch topped off with a variety of desserts. while they enjoyed the festivities, they say their minds were on loved ones back home. 24,000 homes are without power. many homes had to evacuate because of flooding. with more rain in the forecast, strong winds knocked down tree limbs and wires, block roads and rail lines and slowing efforts to restore power. the weather working against utility crews in maine where fresh snow could create new power outages. more than 40,000 homes and businesses without power. utility crews hope to get them on-line sometime today or tomorrow with five inches of snow in the forecast, a spokesman says that is a goal, not a promise. a problem in michigan's lower peninsula. snow and ice could hamper efforts to restore power there.
3:38 am
many families opened presents in shelters yesterday. the power companies warn they may not be able to restore electricity to everyone before the weekend if the weather holds up. the snow is making matters worse. >> the latest from accu-weather with jim dickey is tracking it all. good morning, jim. >> good morning. tracking snow this morning streaking its away cross the great lakes across lake michigan out of the chicago area. you see the swirl here across ontario. that's the low. it's moving to the northeast. snow will be light in most cases throughout the day. across much of pennsylvania in to new york a coating to an inch or so. overnight we will move off shore, strengthen. coastal maine three to six inches of rain. >> thank you, jim. here's a look at the weather in other parts of the country. showers in florida but should be pleasant in the south. seasonably cold in the rest of the midwest and dry in the west. >> 60s and 70s south texas to florida.
3:39 am
60s and 70s in southern california and arizona. teens and 20s in the midwest. pacific norse will be in the low 50s. dog in colorado has proven she's really man's best friend. >> leonard summers says his husky named juneau saved his life when they went on a ski run. summers tumbled no a ravine and couldn't move anything but his arms but juneau dug snow away from his face and stayed by his side for an hour and ran for help when he heard other skiers passing by. >> wow. juneau also kept his owner's legs warm as his body temperature dropped. how amazing is that? the dog heard skr and made a run for it. >> i don't think i have a dog that would be capable of doing that. >> never know. they love their masters. >> really? i never had a dog but i think it is good for kids to grow up with dogs. >> i only had one and thinking of getting another one soon. might have to adopt one. >> i wish they had longer life spans. that's my hang up with dogs. >> 15 years. >> it just goes by like that and
3:40 am
everyone gets so down. it's like a person dying in your family. >> it is. it is. coming up the top five celebrity headlines from the famous to the infamous. >> but first that baby girl that could not wait to come in to the world. it is a christmas story her parents will never forget. you are watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by no no hair removal. no hair removal.
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♪ ♪ all right. an expectant mother on long island, new york, sharing quite a story this morning after her christmas eve shopping trip took a detour towards childbirth. >> forget about the maternity ward, that baby was in a big rush. andy field reports on an extra special delivery. >> reporter: baby alexandra is the family's first daughter. joining her four brothers, mom and dad with a christmas eve delivery and a bank parking lot. >> i called 911 because i wanted them to know i was sort of in an emergency situation. >> reporter: police arrived minutes later and became karen's emergency birthing teach dad caught up minutes later at the hospital.
3:46 am
>> people were saying congratulations. i said, i didn't know what for. and i ran in 0 the emergency room and saw karen holding baby alexandra and 50 people around her. i almost fainted myself. >> reporter: mom and dad thrilled the first responders helped to deliver their christmas eve daughter. >> the response time from the nassau county police department was amazing and the emts were amazing. >> mom was out shopping for a car seat for her daughter so she is set up for a safe trip home. >> looks like she got the car seat just in time. she was at babies 'r us. >> i have a tendency to overcook my babies. i'm always overdue. i have this fantasy of going in to labor and have contractions. this is like my dream. >> be careful what you wish for. you just might get it. >> i think i'm done. two is good. >> buy a car seat and you'll get
3:47 am
lucky. >> oh, my goodness. >> see you in just a little bit.
3:48 am
3:49 am
we have a special skinny. we are looking back at the big est stories in the "the skinny" this year. joining us is leslie from welcome to the show. >> thanks. >> you broke it down and five stories you think are the real entertain stories of the year. we will start with jennifer lawrence. what a year for her. she's arrived, man. >> she did. it became clear she's going to be on the top of the a-list. not only did she start the year by winning with an oscar but she fell on stage and made the most adorable speech ever and made everyone want to be her best friend and then one of the biggest blockbusters with "the hunger games" and then capped off the year with a golden globe
3:50 am
nomination for "american hustle." >> it is good to be her this year. >> pretty good year. >> not bad. >> talk about somebody who had an implosion of a year, paula deen. >> this was a terrible year for paula deen. she is probably counting the seconds until 2013 ends. she admitted to making racial slurs in the past. food network cancelled her show and she lost endorsement deals and lost respect of her fan base. at her lowest point, she sobbed on national television for forgiveness. not a great 2013. >> can she have a rebound? >> she's been laying low. one has to assume the will mount a comeback next year. >> everybody should have a second chance in life if they are sincerely sorry. >> hopefully she is excited for 2014. >> let's talk about miley cyrus. a weird year for her. she has become a lightning rod. >> you loved or hated her but you definitely talked about miley this year. she went through a breakup and
3:51 am
emerged more independent. and confident. her album got to the top of the charts. she twerked on national television. people have been talking about her vma performance months and months after the fact. all in all a good year. >> which will we remember more the twerking or strange cat? when two years passes. >> think she will go down in history as the best twerker of all time but the cat doesn't hurt. >> cherry on top. >> we lost three tragic actors this year and really a shame the circumstances involving all three. >> james gandolfini, paul walker and cory monteith all died very young and very suddenly. everyone was caught off guard by their deaths and hollywood made it clear it was a huge loss for the industry. >> way before their time all were clicking on all cylinders professionally and just such a shame. >> things are coming out that they did post hue mousily.
3:52 am
it is especially because sad because you realized these were projects they wanted to promote and be part of. >> so much more to give. >> exactly. >> your top story the royal baby. >> the royal baby. this is something i think the entire world came together to celebrate. people have been waiting for will and kate to have a baby since they got married in 2011. i think the picture of kate and will coming out of the hospital looking proud and radiant with this adorable infant is a thing we will all remember for a long time. >> i think they handled it superbly. are any of the media watchers saying they could have done this or that better? >> no. kate looked amazing. she was showing off this is what my body looks like after a baby and i think he was a pro with the way he handled a car seat. >> genius move with the car seat. >> i know. totally. >> and for him to admit he practiced the car seat. >> i think some dads were breathing a sigh of relief that
3:53 am
their wives couldn't get too mad. >> do you think the royal baby will be a big story. >> we will be hearing about prince george for years and years and years to come. everyone is excited to see what kind of parents will and kate will be and more importantly when will prince george get a sibling. >> yes, you are right about that. the first steps before long i would imagine, as well. >> i can't wait. >> should be fun. >> thank you very much. stay with us, everybody. you are watching "world news now." [ female announcer ] you walk into your laundry room and...boom!
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tide washing machine cleaner. visit to find out more. ♪ so, okay, if you have ever avaveled over the holidays you know how challenging it can be to be on the packed airline flights. >> some special kids got first-class treatment this week
3:57 am
as they boarded a charter flights for the north pole. sara haines went along for a pretty unforgettable trip. >> reporter: it's not every day you get to fly to the north pole. but that's exactly where little anew is headed. the 4-year-old joined dozens of other deserving kids. >> have fun. >> reporter: some stricken with cancer. others facing family hardship for an all-expenses-paid trip to santa's workshop. courtesy of united airlines. move my hands to how excited you are. is it this excited? this is how excited you are? did i nail it? lucky for me, i got to tag along for the light. i'm going to the north pole. let me tell you, if only all commercial flights were like this there was the singing. ♪ jingle bells >> reporter: the jolly elves and have we mentioned the in-flight clown.
3:58 am
the fun didn't stop on the plane. greeting the kids at the north pole, a bevy of kid-friendly icon and of course santa himself. amidst play time with elves, families forget the illness, sadness so many face at home. >> see my kids having so much fun. >> what did you think when you heard about this? >> i was like happy. i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: at day's end came, the presentation of presents. a fitting way to end the day. a christmas these kids will never forget. sara haines, abc news, the north pole. >> how terrific is that? >> that's really nice for these kids. such a nice gesture. >> from newark airport, the boeing 737 flew over syracuse and back.
3:59 am
it was about a one hour, nine minute course. 20th anniversary of the flight to the north pole. >> and united airlines employees that are helping these kids out during the flights. so that's great. >> pretty terrific stuff. >> by the way, you and santa were. >> hello. >> where is that outfit from. >> we used this graphic with diana all week. so we decided to put your head on it, too. >> that is funny. that's pret thety funny. so wrong. that's not me. >> abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades.
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